Product Development Administrator

To make your mark as Product Development Administrator, you will:

Research dealer and customer needs via qualitative and quantitative methodologies. This will include work with RIBO Strategic and Market Planning groups, and it will also include working with Product Managers and Field personnel to gather information, analyze, and develop a method for sharing. This effort should occur on an annual basis.

Ad hoc analysis, that could include dealer specific "custom" programs. This would include assessments of competitive landscape and assist in the customization of the products/programs to either save or gain RIBO business.

The candidate who fills this position will have the option to work a 9/80 alternative schedule which means working 80 hours over nine calendar days, with the tenth day off. The day off will be alternating Fridays.


- Learn RIBO Engineering process, products, organization, and employee leadership as deputy of current manager.
- Management of Engineering group personnel development, competence build up, know-how transfer from lead development.
- Responsible for design, application, validation for the products in ignition system, charging system, and starting system.
- Coordination with our customers world wide.


RIBO is looking for individuals with strong business sense and practical expertise. Successful candidates should have:
- 5-10 years minimum experience with product research and development in automotive components field. This should include 
  strong problem solving, written/oral communication, project leadership skills and ability to work with teams/field personnel.
- Strong analytical skills with emphasis in Product Profitability. Ability to analyze information to spot issues/trends, develop
  recommended solutions, and effectively communicate resolution to Management.
- Rich knowledge of ignition system, charging system, and starting system.
- Microsoft Office experience with emphasis on Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.
- Project management skills highly desirable.
- CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) experience with emphasis on 3D-CAD, e.g.  UG, Catia.
- Familiar with testing equipment and testing software such as Test Stand, Labview.
- Bachelor degree or above, major in Mechanical or Automotive Engineering.

10 years experience in design, testing in automotive components industry, at least 3 years experience in manager position, with overseas working experience is preferred.

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