Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
November 23, 2021
What is Lean Six Sigma?• Lean and Six Sigma are both process improvement methodologies• Lean is about speed and efficiency• Six Sigma is about precision and accuracy ĘC leading to data-driven decisions • Both rooted in the 1980s (and earlier)  Lean arose as a method to optimize auto manufacturing  Six Sigma evolved as a quality initiative to reduce variance in the semiconductor industryWhy Lean and Six Sigma?• Six Sigma will eliminate defects but it will no...
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Bringing Lean systems thinking to Six Sigma
November 27, 2021
By Paul Mullenhour and Jamie Flinchbaugh For years companies have struggled with the dilemma of which quality improvement program to use: Lean or Six Sigma. While some are still debating the either/or issue, others have come to realize that lean tools and Six Sigma work well together to achieve quick process improvements and greater product consistencies - the answer Lean Six Sigma. This is true particularly if you subscribe to a top-level and often misunderstood and misaligned definition of eac...
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An Ideal State for Lean Six Sigma Implementation
January 18, 2022
Different Paradigms for Lean Six Sigma Integration• Six Sigma and Lean as Conflicting• Six Sigma as a Sub-Set of Lean (Lean Bias)• Lean as a Sub-Set of Six Sigma (Six Sigma Bias)• Separate but Equals• IntegratedNext Evolution ĘC Continuous ImprovementBusiness Process LeadershipOperation ExcellenceEnterprise Process LeadershipSynergies of an Integrated Approach• A value stream state approach for identifying opportunities coupled with a powerful data driven appro...
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