Ignition Coils
Ignition Coil Replacement
August 17, 2021
Replacing the ignition coil is not very difficult. We highly recommend that the coil be inspected and tested before replacement. This will save you money by ensuring the coil being replaced is actually defective.Replacing an Externally Mounted Ignition Coil:1. After testing the coil, remove the bracket hold-down bolts or screws and remove the coil and bracket from the vehicle. 2. Loosen the retaining bolts from the coil bracket and remove the coil. 3. Compare the old and new coil...
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Ignition Coil Inspection and Testing
August 17, 2021
Your ignition coil may be attached to the fender or engine (externally mounted), or mounted inside the distributor cap (internally mounted). They can be tested either on or off the vehicle. Before replacing the ignition coil, we suggest you inspect and test the distributor cap and rotor and the primary voltage circuit.Testing Externally Mounted Ignition Coils1. Disconnect the distributor cap end of the coil wire and attach to the ignition tester. Attach the ignition tester to a good ground,...
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