Leveled/Process Production
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
November 26, 2021
Introduction• A system that consists of numerous programmable machine tools connected by an automated material handling system" • A flexible manufacturing system can produce an enormous variety of items • An FMS is large, complex, and expensive Computers run all the machines that complete the process • Not many industries can afford traditional FMS hence the trend is towards smaller versions call flexible manufacturing cells • Today two or more CNC machines ar...
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Cellular Layouts
November 26, 2021
Introduction• In cellular manufacturing, production work stations and equipment are arranged in a sequence that supports a smooth flow of materials and components through the production process with Minimal Transport or Delay. • Implementation of this Lean Method often represents an attempt to combine the flexibility of a process layout with the efficiency of a product layout • Rather than processing multiple parts before sending them on to the next machine or process step (as ...
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Product Layouts
November 27, 2021
Characteristics• This layout that uses standardized processing operations to achieve smooth, rapid, high-volume flow • It is made possible by highly standardized goods or services that allow highly standardized, repetitive processing • The work is divided into a series of standardized tasks, permitting specialization of equipment and division of labor • Product layouts arrange this standardized tasks in a line according to the sequence of operations that need to be perfor...
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