Well-managed Workplace

RIBO is an innovative, reliable, cooperative and future-oriented company and a well-managed workplace is one of RIBO's objectives.

It is well known that technological advances and global competition have changed the environment in which China manufacturers operate. Customer expectations with respect to product variety, quality and delivery have increased significantly, leading to new challenges for the manufacturing enterprise. Comparing to the world-class enterprises, RIBO has a very long way to go. Therefore, we strive without cease to improve ourselves in the following subjects:

- Attaching importance to R&D and innovation
- Well-equipping and optimizing the assembly line
- Making good use of the advanced testing equipment
- Keeping the inventory scientifically and efficiently
- Training our staff with Professionalism, Team Spirit and International Practice.
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RB-STAR0085 Starter
RB-IC9016A Ignition Coil
RB-M5037 Voltage Regulator
RB-M5033 Voltage Regulator

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