RIBO values diversity and everything it embodies. For RIBO, diversity represents an environment of open communication where contributions of all employees are valued. The cornerstone to establishing a diverse business is built on the foundation of inclusion, respect, acceptance and learning. The attributes that make us unique individuals¨Cculture, ethnicity, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, nationality, education, life experience and beliefs¨Callow us to provide each other with insights that may not otherwise be realized. As a multi-cultural organization, RIBO embraces human differences and harnesses its power to create a competitive edge. These continued actions and experiences have shaped RIBO into a positive and nurturing business environment.

RIBO's global mission for diversity is to provide a business environment that:
- Maximizes the benefits derived from a diverse workforce
- Promotes a culture that encourages every individual to contribute to the success of the business
- Values the differences in the background and skills of individuals

There is a strong business case for organizations that appreciate and manage diversity. It is based on demographic changes in the workforce and a global customer base. Additionally, diverse organizations gain the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of improved talent retention and increased productivity.

All individuals can benefit by working in a more inclusive environment. Improved personal effectiveness and motivation offers greater satisfaction with work and accomplishments. Valuing diversity also creates better working relationships with suppliers, customers and communities. We know that sharing diverse perspectives results in new idea generation and, ultimately, a top-notch product.

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