We observe human rights and respect the privacy and the dignity of our employees. We treat all people with decency and respect and strive to create a working environment which reflects these principles. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. We do not disadvantage or favor anyone for reasons of race, sex, religion, age, handicap etc.

We want to have employees who are honest, trustworthy, and motivated. We value professional expertise, good and exemplary leadership qualities at all levels, as well as effective teamwork, particularly when it goes beyond a person's own organizational, functional and national boundaries. By involving employees in the Company's success, we create an additional incentive to perform well.

We provide our employees with workplaces which fulfill the requirements of work-safety, ergonomics and good health. With our health and safety measures, we help to avoid accidents and injuries at work.

RIBO Employee's Charter

RIBO is committed to an operating philosophy which is based on fairness and concern for people. This philosophy is part of RIBO's Fair Enterprise Culture in which employees and management share in the responsibility to ensure the success of the company.        It includes these principles:

Job Security
Being competitive by making a better product for a better price is the best way to enhance job security. RIBO is committed to working together with our employees to help protect their job security. To assist them, RIBO will provide:
- Job Counseling
- Training
- Employee Assistance Programs

A Safe and Healthful Workplace
RIBO strives to provide our employees with a working environment which is safe and healthful.

Fair Treatment
RIBO offers equal opportunities based on an individual's qualifications and performance, free from discrimination or favoritism.

Competitive Wages and Benefits
RIBO will provide our employees with information which will enable them to compare their total compensation, including total wages and total benefits with those earned by employees of their competitors, as well as with other plants in their community. If their total compensation is found not to be competitive, then their wages will be adjusted.

Employee Equity and Profit Participation
RIBO believes that every employee should share in the financial success of the company.

Employee Relations Advisory Board
The Employee Relations Advisory Board is a group of people who have proven recognition and credibility relating to humanitarian and social issues. This Board will monitor, advise and ensure that RIBO operates within the spirit of the RIBO Employee's Charter and the principles of RIBO's Corporate Constitution.

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