We are aware of our social responsibility in humanitarian, ecological and social terms, and act accordingly. RIBO ensures the protection and application of internationally recognized human rights and is not involved in any violations of human rights, neither directly nor indirectly. We respect the fundamental human rights, such as Respect for the Law, Prohibition of the Child Labor, Elimination of all Forms of Forced Labor, Respect for the Environment, Promotion of Health and Safety in the Workspace.

Our approach to quality and the environment and the careful use of scarce resources are a feature of all our business processes. We are convinced that we can achieve better results in the medium to long term not only by taking into consideration the economic aspects of our activity, but also by acting in a socially responsible and ecological manner.

RIBO does not tolerate any violations of laws, rules or regulations ¨Cneither by our employees nor by our products or services. We take it for granted that our products and processes fulfill the appropriate guidelines. These include all laws and regulations as well as the rules of the relevant authorities, our own rules and the requirements of our customers.

We secure transparency, seek dialogue with various groupings in society, and accept other points of view. Only in this way can we attempt to obtain lasting understanding and trust for our entrepreneurial actions above and beyond narrow company limits.

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RB-ALT038 Alternator
RB-ALT037S Alternator
RB-IC8031 Ignition Coil
RB-ALT037 Alternator

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