On-time Delivery
The key element to improving on-time delivery is the standardization of the criteria by which each supply chain segment is measured against. Problems arise when different segments define on-time delivery differently and in ways that are not tied to the commitment date to the customer. By aligning all internal lines to a common standard it is easier to drive different parties towards what they need to achieve.

At RIBO, we focus on all elements that support On-time Delivery and hold ourselves accountable to stringent tolerances. When an order is placed, it is scheduled based on a requested delivery date. Once a commitment is made, we do everything within our control to adhere to this date. Scheduling buffers are set up in front of each manufacturing process to help synchronize the workload and build in flexibility to absorb unexpected changes and delays.

If a job falls behind schedule due to customer changes, adjustments will be made to hold as close to the original commitment as possible. And if there's a delay on our end, we'll go to great lengths to get it back on track before we offer you alternative solutions. We strive to communicate schedule alterations as far upstream as possible and give you options that you can work with.

On-time Delivery is a key performance criterion. Monitoring on-time delivery and order fill rate percentages allows us to flag negative trends and enable faster customer service responses. It also provides sales with information to solve potential issues before going on customer calls.

The advantages of RIBO logistics are customer orientation, on-time delivery, reliability, cost-efficiency, and a continuous supply chain. We take the time to carefully plan supplier logistics so that it's profitable for both sides. RIBO regularly receives the best grades in customer satisfaction surveys for its on-time delivery. We work at maintaining this level and improving it further, despite increasing market requirements.

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