Quick Response
Lean Manufacturing techniques can be powerful in certain situations. But for companies that make custom-engineered products in low or varying volumes, Lean Manufacturing has drawbacks. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) can be a more effective competitive strategy for these organizations.

A powerful method for slashing lead times in all our operations!

Today's theater of competition for manufacturing firms is speed -- not only speed of delivery, but of concept, design and production. New doors open for those who can get products to market before the competition, and success hinges on the ability to respond quickly.

QRM is a companywide strategy to cut lead times in all phases of manufacturing and office operations. It can bring our products to market more quickly and secure our business prospects by helping us compete in a rapidly changing manufacturing arena. It will increase profitability by reducing non-value-added time, cutting inventory and increasing return on investment.

We are often troubled by the below-said problems:
- Our biggest customer is demanding faster response time.
- We provide a high degree of customization, and JIT is no longer helpful in our low-volume, high-mix environment.
- Our shop floor has become very efficient, but it takes too long to get out a quote or process an order.
- Our own response time is fine, but our material suppliers are another story.

Now RIBO adopts QRM to solve the above-said problems:
- Reduce lead times throughout our organization
- Decrease our manufacturing costs
- Increase our market share
- Fill customer orders faster
- Boost product quality
- Introduce new products rapidly
- Eliminate waste and inefficiency
- Secure our manufacturing future

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RB-IC7003 Ignition Coil
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