Continuous Innovation
Innovation is generally understood as the successful introduction of a new thing or method. It is the embodiment, combination, or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services. Continuous innovation means modest, gradational, ongoing upgrades or enhancements of existing technologies or products and it generally does not fundamentally change the dynamics of an industry, nor does it typically require end users to change behavior.

Continuous Innovation Model
RIBO Continuous Innovation Model is based on the following philosophy: Innovative companies understand that individual or special programs such as continuous improvement, brainstorming sessions or creativity training do not make the organization innovative. Rather, the collection or portfolio of these initiatives, wrapped within a well supported climate of innovation, results in an organization loaded with skilled and passionate people who strive to make innovation a part of their daily mind set.

Assessment                                                                              People
Innovation Management Capabilities                                             Sponsors/Champions
Current State to Future State Analysis                                         Facilitators/Trainers
Capability Gap Analysis                                                                Review/Selection Boards
Innovation Management Maturity Mapping                                    Practitioners

Strategic Processes                                                                 Tactical Processes
Training and Education                                                                  Problems Identification Process
Culture Change Management                                                        Idea Campaign Strategy
Communications Management                                                       Idea Filtering and Selection
Reward/Recognition System                                                         Project/Portfolio Management

Operational Processes
Implementation Roadmap
Risk Assessment/Analysis
Data Collection/Metrics Analysis
Cost Benefit/Cash Curve Analysis

The following model depicts the helpful systems and tools designed to ensure that our innovation management program gets off on the right foot.

Idea Management Systems                                                    Creative Problem Solving
Idea Capture Systems                                                                   Problem/Opportunity Analysis
Open Suggestion Systems                                                            Gather/Analyze Information
Campaign-Based Suggestion Systems                                         Idea Generation Schemes
Idea Quality Control                                                                       Solution Development
Idea Implementation                                                                       Solution Implementation
Idea Feedback Systems
Strategic Fit Analysis
Strategic Planning

Innovation Culture                                                                     Continuous Improvement
Environment of Trust/Idea Sharing                                                Capacity Improvements
Promote Risk Taking                                                                       Process Improvements
Executive Commitment                                                                   Waste Elimination
Dedicated Idea Time                                                                       Kaizen Events
Segregated Idea Funding                                                               Six Sigma/Lean Six Sigma
Dedicated Collaboration Facilities
Recognition/Reward Systems

Innovation Centers of Excellence                                           Creativity/Innovation Training and Education
New Product/Service Development                                               Creative Problem Solving Basics
Idea Centers/War Rooms                                                               Personal Creativity Enhancement
Research and Development Centers                                             Idea Generation Techniques
"Skunk Works" Facilities                                                                 Corporate Innovation Culture
Idea Champion Sponsorship                                                          Facilitator Training Programs 
                                                                                                       Idea Champion Training Programs
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