Research and Development
RIBO has established R&D centers which seek to develop world-class innovations and ensure that we are at the forefront of automotive components technology. Our proprietary customer research clinics explore auto parts consumer preferences and emerging trends. Product and process innovation is the key to maintaining our position as one of the leading auto parts suppliers. The stream of innovation that flows from these R&D centers is aimed at providing our customers with "A better product for a better price."

R&D Based on Customer Needs
Our customers need quality products, more importantly, they need solutions that can bring them success in their business. RIBO has already made her transition from being technology-oriented by providing products to focusing on our customers' requirements by offering them complete solutions. We work continuously towards improving our ability to innovate based on our customers' needs. Usually RIBO spends 8% of our annual revenue in R&D to keep up with the forefront of the automotive components technology. RIBO has already successfully rolled out products and solutions in areas including ignition system, charging system and starting system . At present, we have developed over 1,000 types of ignition coils, voltage regulators, alternators and starters which greatly improving the system's capabilities and enabling us to offer unique advantages at a lower cost.

R&D Management
We are introducing the world-level R&D management models into our company and strengthening the support of our broad and shared platforms. RIBO also promotes standardized, component-based and platform-specific management in our research and development, and simplified the structure of our systems and organizational framework to prevent the leakage of technology. We coordinate development progress at various levels, manage the time-to-market of our products and quick our response to market demands.

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RB-ALT077 Alternator
RB-ALT076 Alternator
RB-ALT075 Alternator
RB-IC8004B Ignition Coil

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