Improving Quality with Virtual Technology

We're committed to improving our automotive components manufacturing process in ways that provide our customers with real benefits. By using virtual ergonomics technology, we've redesigned manufacturing jobs to be less physically stressful on workers, which has helped improve products quality and lower production costs.

Reducing Repetitive Motions

Virtual ergonomics combines advanced motion-capture technology with human modeling software to help our engineers analyze and redesign assembly line actions. Our virtual ergonomics process follows these steps to improve the components manufacturing process:

1. A computer-generated virtual assembly line workstation is created.

2. In the virtual assembly line workstation, an engineer outfitted with special sensors performs an assembly line operation while           sophisticated cameras capture the movements.

3. The captured movements are loaded into a computer where modeling software identifies and predicts the impact of long-term     repetitive motions.

4. As repetitive motions are identified, changes to the assembly line actions can be made to reduce injuries, reduce manufacturing     costs and improve quality.

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