Design Philosophy
As the quality of vehicles continues to rise in all regions of the world, the importance of design as a major product differentiator has become even more critical. RIBO recognizes that excellent design is valued by consumers and that design-driven technology is valued by automakers the world over.

RIBO designers work closely with global marketing and engineering teams to create and give shape to new and exciting vehicle innovations. RIBO experts also assist vehicle manufacturers by providing a variety of technical services from color, grain and gloss management and digital modeling to full-size clay development.

It starts with understanding the vehicle manufacturer's brand and consumers. Next, customers are engaged in order to understand their unmet and sometimes unarticulated needs. Then, design teams work with internal and customer functional groups to define engineering requirements, forms and finishes.

RIBO's design team find new and innovative ways to apply technology to create inspiring solutions to complex problems that can help customers satisfy the consumer. RIBO has dedicated support assigned to individual customers, the designers are able to understand the customer's brand character and respond to the request, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Computer Aided Engineering
RIBO engineers apply CAE tools to help improve vehicle dynamics, durability, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) as well as thermal effects, user interface and potential optimization. And by analyzing how an individual component interacts within the vehicle, RIBO can provide the vehicle manufacturer with solutions that lead to better vehicles.

CAE optimization helps to improve system/module performance before tooling and prototyping begins. For instance, in the process of analyzing weight, RIBO is able to vary the shape and size of a component to understand where excess materials can be removed. Engineers also can test components to evaluate the possibility of using a lighter-weight material that may provide similar durability. Through this process, components are carefully analyzed to maximize consumer satisfaction while managing the manufacturer's need to accelerate program timing, and improve cost savings.

Supporting Accelerated Development
Along with the tangible and functional benefits of CAE, manufacturers benefit from faster design times and a reduction in the need for physical prototyping. This means that projects with accelerated development schedules can be supported without having to incur any tradeoffs that might reduce product functionality or quality.

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