RIBO's breadth of manufacturing processes and innovative materials are adaptable to customer timing and specifications. Lean Manufacturing is practiced, which eliminates waste, streamlines processes and reduces overall cost. And with the ability to deliver according to customers' requirements, RIBO can help our customers meet their needs more efficiently.

What is lean manufacturing?
Lean manufacturing is "A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement by flowing the product at the demand of the customer." We are operating leaner than ever before. Production-line employees no longer need to leave their workstations to help search for parts or help material control determine the correct part.

Employees should be involved in the Company Lean Manufacturing Plan
The process of lean manufacturing is not just a matter of the type of machinery a plant has. Instead it is dependant on the personnel of the corporation. At RIBO, we focus on training our staff Lean Thinking.

Steps to achieve lean systems

The following steps should be implemented to create the ideal lean manufacturing system:
1. Design a simple manufacturing system
2. Recognize that there is always room for improvement
3. Continuously improve the lean manufacturing system design

Design a simple manufacturing system
A fundamental principle of lean manufacturing is demand-based flow manufacturing. In this type of production setting, inventory is only pulled through each production center when it is needed to meet a customer's order. The benefits of this goal include:
(a) decreased cycle time, (b) less inventory, (c) increased productivity and (d) increased capital equipment utilization.

There is always room for improvement
The core of lean is founded on the concept of continuous product and process improvement and the elimination of non-value added activities. "The Value adding activities are simply only those things the customer is willing to pay for, everything else is waste, and should be eliminated, simplified, reduced, or integrated". Improving the flow of material through new ideal system layouts at the customer's required rate would reduce waste in material movement and inventory.

Continuously improve
A continuous improvement mindset is essential to reach a company's goals. The term "continuous improvement" means incremental improvement of products, processes, or services over time, with the goal of reducing waste to improve functionality, customer service, or product performance.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a set of performance metrics that fit well in a Lean environment.

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