Our Culture
Our goal is to develop faster and grow stronger than the automotive market. This has made us a China leader in the automotive industry, and brings the spirit of challenge to RIBO every day.

At RIBO, we've made a commitment to excellence - it's an important part of our corporate culture. Our mission is clear: To be one of the world's most prestigious company in the auto parts industry and be recognized by our customers as their best supplier! Operating successfully in a demanding and competitive global market requires significant involvement and support from our customers. Nothing is more important than making our customer satisfaction, because our future depends on us helping to make our customers successful.

At the heart of our operating structure is a powerful entrepreneurial culture, which builds ownership and inspires pride in our employees. The skills, knowledge and commitment of our employees are fundamental to RIBO's continued success. We are committed to continuously improving employee relations. As such, we are planning to introduce a number of programs, including the Hotline, Fairness Committee, Employee Opinion Survey, secret ballot voting on workplace issues and the Employee Advocate Program. These initiatives will be put in place to further our operating philosophy and increase employee participation in their workplace.

Transparency, Speed, Teamwork, Master your Future, Drive, Accountability, and Entrepreneur, these seven values are the foundation of our culture. By providing a fair work environment, encouraging innovation and teamwork, our employees, management and investors will continue to share in the success of the company. Through our products, services, operations and community involvement, we promote the efficient use of resources to benefit all people and the world.

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RB-PR203 Rectifier
RB-ALT050 Alternator
RB-NR10003 Rectifier
RB-IC8035A Ignition Coil

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