What is RIBO?
RIBO, a leading manufacturer and supplier in automotive OEM and aftermarket, is an industrial group focusing on design, production and sales of parts for cars and trucks. All products we provide meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and TS16949 Quality Management System. We have enjoyed a good reputation in European, American and Japanese markets.

How is RIBO organized?
RIBO is organized with a lean, flexible structure designed to adapt quickly to market trends and industry demands. Product groups are self-contained and fully accountable, and customer teams have an intense focus on strategic customer relationships. This structure allows RIBO to foster strong those relationships and grow the business.

What products does RIBO develop?
RIBO is now manufacturing various automotive electrical components applicable for European, American, Japanese, Korean and Russian cars. The major products we supply are ignition coils, ignition modules, voltage regulators, rectifiers, alternators and starters. We are also exporting a wide range of auto parts manufactured by our partners in China.

How do I approach RIBO about doing business?
Automotive electrical components purchasers can contact RIBO by completing an Online Order Form .
You can find the relevant information within the Contact Us section of this Website.

Where can I find information about a specific product?
RIBO's components portfolio provides specifications for a range of products and technologies. You can locate a specific product by searching or browsing a product and then a make. Nevertheless, if you cannot find a product your company needs, please contact us for assistance.

How can I get the RIBO's catalogs I need?
First, you may visit us at our web site www.riboparts.com. Open "Our Products" menu in the Home Page, you can easily find the Complete Catalogs by products at the top-left side and the Classified Catalogs by searching or selecting at the top-right side. Open these catalogs and scan one by one, you will find what you need. The second way is searching in the Site Map. The third method is telling us what auto parts catalogs you need. We will send you the catalogs accordingly.

Are all RIBO products shown here?
This Web site is representational of RIBO's components portfolio, but is not inclusive of the complete portfolio. In addition, because RIBO designs and manufactures products to original equipment manufacturers' specifications, any of these products can be tailored to an OEM's specific need for functionality, size, weight and materials.

I can't find an answer to my question. Where can I go for more information?
Try one of several resources in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs section of this Web site. If none of these fits your needs, please visit the Contact Us section, where you can find the information you need to contact a RIBO representative by telephone or e-mail.

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RB-ALT052 Alternator
RB-IC4023 Ignition Coil
RB-XR726 Rectifier
RB-ALT051A Alternator

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