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RIBO Auto Parts will try to make outbound links to the related sites with good reputation and meanwhile, you are welcome to link to us. http://www.riboparts.com is a professional website with enormous useful information, which it will match your website perfectly, I think!
An outbound-link (OBL) is a link from your website to another website. Outbound links can add value to your site by providing useful information to users without you having to create the content. It is difficult for a single website to be comprehensive about a subject area. At the same time outbound links are a potential jumping off point for users and also provide PageRank (PR) for the target page. Some search engines algorithms actually place value on sites with many outbound links. These are dubbed authority or expert sites.
Be careful about linking to bad neighborhoods. These include LinkFarms and heavily optimized sites. These may get your site penalized. Be wary about any site with zero page rank or that can't be found in search engines. Check that it has not been banned for some reason. A single link to a bad neighborhood is unlikely to cause problems but combined with other factors it could be viewed in a bad light by search engines.
Outbound links send visitors away from your web site. Attitudes towards outbound links vary considerably among site owners. Some site owners still link freely. Some refuse to link at all, and some provide links that open in a new browser window.
Opponents of outbound linking argue that it risks losing time and money from site visitors. This can be a large risk if a site is facing high customer acquisition costs. Proponents argue that providing high quality references actually enhances the value of a site and increases the chance of return visitors.
In today's Google PR obsessed Internet world, everyone is completely focusing on getting inbound links to your site. While you should always be on a mission to get more sites to link to yours, you must not forget their polar opposites.
Remember, by having outbound links from your site, you are in essence "voting" for the site you link to. This is part of the entire ranking algorithm process for all the search engines. The idea is, that if two sites are similar in content and design, a site with more links pointing to it would be considered more important by the search engine.
Then, why should you help out any other site? Actually, by carefully linking to other relevant sites, you are increasing the relevancy of your own site. So, as the spider returns the information to the database to be processed in the algorithm, it has pre-sorted some search results based on the links your site points to.
Another benefit of outbound linking is Geo Targeting, or Local search. There is a lot of speculation that local search is the next big trend in Search Marketing. While only time will tell, it won't hurt to have your physical address listed on your website for those who will be embracing local search. So, take the time to link to some relevant sites like RIBO Auto Parts, and enjoy the power of the easy outbound link.
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RB-STAR6579 Starter
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RB-STAR6573 Starter

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