RIBO Parts Warranty

For several years, our customers have got broad consensus: Buying from RIBO is a correct choice and a kind of assurance. RIBO Parts Warranty is a commitment to maintain high quality, dependability and reliability.

We have detailed warranty policy for our major products ignition coils, alternators and starters. To make sure we deliver auto parts worthy of warranty for 1 year in the Aftermarket and 5 years in OEM market, RIBO initiated the DEFECTS TO ZERO plan. This program has a dedicated team of RIBO engineers that are charged with catching, learning about and fixing any issue, no matter how small, before it gets to our customers. Our high quality standards allow us to stand out from our competitors and will also further help you at present or in the near future. We would be grateful if you could communicate this information to your customers. High quality will always prevail in the long run. We wish you and your team ongoing success with RIBO in the coming days!

A distinguishing feature of RIBO Products is our high level of precision, achieved by the application of the most modern manufacturing methods. We manufacture and supply our products under the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 and ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System, which has brought us a good reputation in European, American and Japanese markets.

We guarantee explicitly assured properties and freedom from defects in accordance with a state-of-the-art technology and management. Usually, the warranty period for our major products is 12 months in the Aftermarket, commencing from receiving the product by our customer. If, however, a material or manufacturing defect should occur, we will replace the defective RIBO Product free of charge in your next order within the 12 months warranty period. If some of the customers need an 18 months or 24 months or longer warranty period in the Aftermarket, the cost and the price for the relevant part(s) will be 10%~50% higher accordingly. Anyway, all the terms and conditions including RIBO PARTS WARRANTY TERMS will be valid only under final confirmation by both of our sides.

Covers replacement of any component, originally manufactured by RIBO that are defective in material or factory workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. This warranty excludes normal wear and damage caused by improper usage, vehicle application and treatment and also excludes coverage for vehicles in commercial use (e.g. taxi, route delivery, delivery service, rental, etc.). And it still DOES NOT apply to defects or physical damage resulting from abuse, neglect, accident, improper repair, alteration, modification resulting in breakdown, cracked or broken cases nor are parts damaged by fire, water, freezing, collision, theft, explosion, rust, corrosion, etc. RIBO assumes no responsibility for consequential damage or loss or expense arising from these products or any labor required for repair or service like defects diagnosis, removal or reinstallation of a product.

The RIBO Products have to be installed by qualified personnel only and the instructions of the motor vehicle manufacturer have got to be observed. Under certain special circumstances, RIBO may also offer partial labor reimbursement when additional components are damaged due to the failure of a RIBO product. These circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis. Complaints of this nature must be communicated in writing within a period of 30 days of such occurrence and be accompanied by complete detailed documentation.

RIBO Auto Parts Co., Ltd. reserves the right to limit services or reimbursement to any customer when, in RIBO's judgment, the Claims are excessive in nature, frequency, or type of occurrence. We shall deem this warranty void if the item supplied is modified by another party or by the assembly of components from another source, unless the defect has no causal relationship with the modification. The warranty also ceases if the applicable handling is not complied with.

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RB-STAR6539 Starter
RB-ALT007S Alternator
RB-STAR6525 Starter

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